Drug synthesis (KOK090) VT 2011


Professor Kenneth Wärnmark, 046-2228217

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Examination date:


Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers, Organic Chemsitry (ISBN 0-19-850346-6)


Written examination and the course is defined by the textbook. Molecular models are allowed during the examination. I recommend that you brush up your organic chemistry so that the basic concepts are well known to you. Previous exams of the basic organic chemistry course provide a good way of repeating the basic knowledge you are expected to have:

Basic exam 1

Basic exam 2

Basic exam 3

There will be an extra exercise focusing on basic knowledge on Wednesday January 19 at 1315-1500 in the seminar room at CAS. At this extra exercise you work with the problems in the three basic exams above and professor Ulf Nilsson will be there to supervise your solving of the problems.


The course in drug synhesis starts where the basic organic chemistry course ended. It is important that you master the concepts and reactions of that course. There is no time for repitition within the present course.Previous exams in basic organic chemistry can be fetched here.

KOK090 is given together with the lecture and excercise part of KEMM01. Schedule for VT 2011 can be found at the homepage for KEMM01

The laboratory work concected to KOK090 is a separate course, KOK100, for LTH students.