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There are always open projects for undergraduate research and diploma theses. 

The group
Emil, Ulf, Nima, Karin, Anna, Andrea, Sebastian, Markus, Sophie

Group Members

Present group members

Sebastian Clementsson, Project
Sophie Manner, PhD
Andrea Persson, PhD-Student
Karin Thorsheim, PhD-student
Emil Tykesson, PhD-student


Ulrika Aili, PhD Thesis, 2013
Carl-Olof Abrahamsson, Diploma Thesis, 2007
Anna Andersson, Project work, 2003
Karolina Aplander, PhD, post-doc 2008-2009
Martin Axelsson, Diploma Thesis, 2010
Daniela Balas, Diploma Thesis, 2008
Sofia Bengtsson, Diploma Thesis, 2002

Johan Boström, Project work, 2009
Kayla Busby, Visiting student, 2011
Omar Chaudry, Project work, Diploma Thesis, 2012
Risto Cukalevski, Diploma Thesis 2008

Johan Eriksson-Bajtner, PhD, assistant group leader, 2006-2007
Niklas Falk, Licentiate Thesis, 2001
Jonas Fritze, Project work, 2009
Jonas Fröberg, Diploma Thesis, 2006
Kristina Grkovska, Project work, 2006
Nicklas Häggman, Diploma Thesis, 2008
Mårten Jacobsson, PhD Thesis, 2007
Richard Johnsson, PhD Thesis, 2008

Katharina Klingeberg, ERASMUS student, 2011
Richard Lihammar, Project work, 2009
Johanna Löfgren, Project work, Diploma Thesis 2013
Markus Mattiasson, Project, 2012
Jesper Malmberg, Diploma Thesis, 2005, project work 2005-2007
Andreas Meijer, PhD Thesis, 2003
Alexander Mirholm, Project work, 2008
Jakob Nilsson, Project work, 2003
Johan Nordensson, Project work, 2005
Agata Ochocinska, Post-doc, 2010-2011
Markus Ohlin, PhD Thesis, 2014
Erik Olandersson, Diploma Thesis, 2009
Martin Olofsson, Project, 2012
Dan Olsson, Diploma Thesis, 2007
Nima Rayabi, Diploma Thesis, Project 2014
Catharina Samuelsson, Diploma Thesis, 2002
Anna Siegbahn, PhD Thesis, 2014
Martin Sundén, Diploma Thesis, 2005

Henrik Svederud, Project work, 2001
Elin Säwén, Diploma Thesis, 2004
Torge Thönnessen, Research project, 2007
Emil Tykesson, Diploma Thesis, 2009
Eva Welinder, Project work, 2003
Martin Weissenborn, Diploma Thesis, 2008
Anders Wirén, Diploma Thesis, 2004